Retrofit sizers

Lynx can retrofit & upgrade existing packlines to any stage.  Other manufacturers will be happy to sell you electronic upgrades but we understand that the mechanical and electronic components of a sizer go hand in hand.  When it comes to retrofits Lynx stands head & shoulders above the rest in experience & on price.   We also understand that not every pack house can afford a brand new machine.  We have developed upgrades to improve our customers equipment & thier profit margin.  For a fraction of the price of new we can upgrade in stages over 2-3 seasons, helping to spread your costs, or carry out a full retrofit including our aluminium extruded top.  Recently through careful planning & design, a 2 week retrofit of an 8 lane 35 drop sizer yielded a 45% throughput increase of over 100 bins per shift.  The smile on the customers face told a story on the first day of packing as he realised the results of his decision. 

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Upgrade as you can afford it


Latest version Winlynx software & controller, 24v power supply, gate drivers, label interface & remote internet support.

screen shot


Latest release gate solenoid assembly with bolt in adapter plate to suit existing pintrack.

Gate unit

Singulator, Cups & Weighing              

Brand new 8ft singulator & soft transfer, new cups & weigh head package providing 4x point weighing accurate to +/- 1 gram.

Weigh head


Alternatively - A Full Retrofit

This is the option that brings an old sizer up to date with new chains, flight bars, singulator, weighing electronics & aluminium extruded top including pintracks.  A full retrofit provides all the advantages of a brand new sizer at a fraction of the cost as the frame, cross conveyors & depending on condition, drive components are retained.