Lynx Sizers

Investing in new fruit grading equipment is a big decision. It's important to know the fruit grader you choose has the ability to grow with you as your business grows. The LYNX range of fruit graders have this flexibility designed into them.

  • They are manufactured with modular construction making it easy to extend or shorten the fruit grader by adding or subtracting drop points.
  • They give you maximum flexibility to cope with changes in volumes, packing requirements, varying fruits and batch settings for different growers.
  • LYNX fruit graders have no common drive shafts making all operations fully independent with the cups returning at floor level.
  • There are big spaces through the grader's middle sections allowing you to pass packaging through to convenient packout points.
  • These same big spaces give you room for storage or whatever else you need.

LYNXpackouts and tray fillers  have similar flexibility. They also use independent motor drives, with no chains or couplings making maintenance virtually a thing of the past!

   Special Features
  • Simple to operate.
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • Modular cups and flight bars simply snap on and off.
  • Upgradeable CD software by mail.
  • Extremely high and consistent cup fill.
  • Available in 2 - 10 lanes & as twin systems.
  • Trustworthy and reliable under the most testing of conditions.
  • Fully supported and serviced.

Modular flight bars with clip on cups make replacement quick & easy.

 Cups & bars



For many people the investment in purchasing a new sizer cannot be justified, however if your old machine is basically sound, have you ever thought about upgrading it with a LYNX Retrofit package?

Lynx are the only sizer manufacturer that specialises in complete retrofits.  Other manufacturers will be happy to sell you electronic upgrades but we understand that the mechanical and electronic components of a sizer go hand in hand.  An electronic upgrade will help to highlight problems with your older equipment but you are then left with a sizer sporting flash electronics but still suffers from inaccurate weighing, mixed sizing, incorrect drop counts, fruit going over the end of the machine due to lazy gates etc etc.  With 25 years in the industry,  Lynx have a proven formula that works, giving excellent production increases to customers with equipment we have retrofitted.  Over time Lynx has developed the tools to take you to the next level.  We can undertake a retrofit to any stage that you can afford. 

Step 1: Electronics                                       

Latest version Winlynx software & controller, 24v power supply, gate drivers, label interface & remote internet support.

Step 2: Gates                                               

Latest release gate solenoid assembly with bolt in adapter plate to suit existing pintrack.

Step 3: Singulator, Cups & Weighing              

Brand new 8ft singulator & soft transfer, new cups & weigh head package providing 4x point weighing accurate to +/- 1 gram.

Alternatively - A Full Retrofit

This is the option that brings an old sizer up to date with a new chains, flight bars, singulator, weighing electronics & aluminium extruded top including pintracks.  A full retrofit provides all the advantages of a brand new sizer at a fraction of the cost as the frame, cross conveyors & depending on condition, drive components are retained.  Recently through careful planning & design, a 2 week retrofit of an 8 lane 35 drop sizer yielded a 45% throughput increase of over 100 bins per shift.  The smile on the customers face told a story on the first day of packing as he realised the results of his decision.  

Link to photos & more on RETROFITS.


Other Products

Lynx Hort is the New Zealand agent for MAF Roda Agrobotic.  Being a member of this group of companies gives Lynx access to MAF Roda & CVS products available world wide.  The products & equipment we are able to supply includes the following: 

Lynx cup & chain, Colour Vision Systems Integra & MAF Pomone Sizers (weight, colour & dimension), Globalscan Blemish Grading, NIR grading, Tray fillers, Speed Packers, Automatic Bagging Machines, Box Fillers & Tracking Systems, Tray Pack Dispensers, Pallet Strappers, Bin Tips (overhead & side tipping, wet, dry & DIR), Dry Bin Fillers, Palletisers, Accu-stack Carton Collation systems & specialised sorting & handling equipment built to order.  

 led cameras

 Bin Tip

Speed Packer