Lynx Fruit Sizing Equipment

Lynx fruit sizing equipment is manufactured from high quality materials with a high standard of finish and durability.  Components are custom made in house with the aid of the latest CAD draughting software and all our fruit sizing equipment carries a 12 month warranty.  The Lynx cup and chain sizer is one of the most efficient pack lines available with high cup fill achieved through good singulation.  Pack houses in the New Zealand kiwifruit industry are reaching up to 7500 trays per/hr at 450 Rods per minute.  This equates to 4500 items of fruit across the scales per minute.  This low speed is an advantage when it comes to slowing the fruit down at the drop out and means less wear & tear on the equipment. The cup & chain machine is well suited to apples and pears also as it can run equally well at lower speeds in the 240 - 350 RPM range that roller carrier high speed machines struggle with.  Pears can be hard to singulate properly which is where the Lynx singulator with reverse roller rotation comes into it's own.  The bulb of the pear can be controlled & rolled into a leading position so it approaches the transfer facing the right direction.  Colour readers can be fitted to the singulator with LED technology meaning light level consistency for the cameras and very low current draw & heat.   The large soft pockets on the Lynx transfer copewell even with the gigantic Beurre Bosc pears from Ceres in South Africa and the huge Fuji apples grown in Oregon & Washington USA.  Along with correct singulation and presentation the fruit is weighed to an accuracy of +\- 1gm.  Ease of operation & maintenance is built in to every sizer by way of years of experience, and there are very few companies manufacturing sizers with the knowledge base that Lynx can draw on. With over 30 Lynx cup & chain sizers installed in the past 6 years Lynx has proven the cup & chain to be relevant & a competitively priced sizer in this technologically advanced industry.  The secret to our customers success with our equipment is the powerful WinLynx Software package which interfaces with a stand alone controller.  This means if your PC crashes your sizer doesn't.  Smart gate drivers, and ultra reliable gate solenoids bring consistent packout counts and sizing.  Our commit to pack approach to packing means we don't throw good fruit over the end of the machine onto a re-circulation roller coaster that can be hard on the fruit.  Every thing that goes across the sizer brings you a profit.  Our modular aluminium extruded frames and covers make installation quick & easy with the majority of the sizer in kitset form and assembled on site. 

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1. Vee belt pre-singulation (optional extra)

Gentle fruit handling starts at the pre-singulation where Vee belts running at different speeds diverge to deliver fruit gently onto the singulator rollers.

2. Singulator.

The singulator comprises “v” shaped rubber rollers on an incline to achieve a high level of singulation (80% average) through the unique design of the roller, and the rotation of the rollers which is controlled by the Lynx operating system. This rotates the fruit as it moves up the incline section in either the forward or reverse direction depending on the product type and size.

3. Sizer

The sizer is constructed from heavy sectional steel and pressed steel components finished with a durable powder coat system. The modular construction of the internal tracks and supports from extruded alloy makes for a clean and simple design easy to maintain, with added strength for many years of trouble free operation.  Clip on fruit cups & modular flight bars make replacement quick & easy and 4x point weighing is standard.

4. PSB Drop Chutes

Eliminates the normal fruit damage associated with drop chutes by absorbing excess kinetic energy from the fruit, resulting in a damage free smooth transfer on to the outlet conveyor. 

5. PDSF Outlet Conveyors

The construction of the conveyors are to the Lynx PDSF design, which incorporates a plastic chain conveying medium, with flight bars at 40mm centres. The flight bars are covered with soft rubber tubing, providing an excellent surface for receiving the fruit and conveying to the point of discharge. The outlet conveyors are supplied with internal dividers to prevent unnecessary fruit on fruit contact.

6. Tray Filling Conveyor System

Fruit is fed to the tray using a chute attached to the outlet conveyor. The operator would have the ability to start and stop the tray conveyor by means of a knee or floor switch, in order to control the filling process. Once this is complete the tray passes to a section of gravity roller conveyor where it can be manually conveyed, or allowed to increment by the action of the preceding trays to the point of discharge.  The tray conveyor is constructed from pressed steel with a powder coat surface finish. It comprises a belt conveying medium, and gravity roller extension. The height of the unit is gas strut assisted, and is adjustable through a range of 150mm, to accommodate trays and boxes of 60mm to 210mm.

7. Return Conveyor and Elevator (optional)

The return fruit conveyor is situated adjacent to the packers at a height above the outfeed conveyors. It would be divided into two sections, one half for packers and off end fruit, and the other for floor fruit. All fruit would be conveyed the full length of the sizer and discharged into other systems forming part of the infeed equipment. There is an elevating conveyor from the off end outlet conveyor to return off end fruit.

8. Reject Analysis System

The reject analysis system has been designed to collect data from the grading tables and present this as a percentage reject on the basis of one major, and one minor value per table. The system will be customised to suit you configuration, and comprise an electronic package coupled to remotely mounted sensors.

9. Polyframes

The stands are situated between the tray loading area of the tray fillers. They comprise a tubular arm arrangement for poly rolls and liners, and a table for preparation of the trays prior to loading.



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